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Strada Easels

Unrunning Spring

Through the trees

Between the Tree's Again

Laguna Big Bend Before the Inviational

Falkner Winery

Black Star Serenade II

Black Star Serenade I

Point Lobos Sun

Point Lobos fog

Back Bay Setting

Keyhole Rock from the Ground

Anza to Hemet

San Mateo 2010

Hidden Shack - Study

Hidden Hut - Large

Los Gatos Creek

Golden Sunlight

Upper Bay Domicile

Los Gatos Stream

Rock 'n Good Times

Feild of Trees

Around the Bend

Hidden Garage

Side Trail

Accross the Pond

Standing Alone


Over Yonder

Not Used

Late Afternoon

A Beautiful day

Kawai River

Small Waterfall

Santa Rose Platue Tree Couple

Pit Stop Cliffs

Lone Tree

Kawaeh River, south bridge

Big Rock

Down Los Rios Stree

Between the Trees

South Side, Looking South at Crystal Cove

Low Tide Rocks at Crystal Cove

Los Rios street Law Building

Arrowhead Stream

Quiet Creek Creek

Couger 2

Couger 1

Small Forest

Mission Arch Hallway

Afternoon in Los Rios

Two Trees in Irvine Park

Spooners Cove

Morro Bay Afternoon