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Well, WOW!  The painting above "Chino Parie" won 1st place in the LPAPA Less is More show!!!  And it sold on the site 32Auctions.com as part of the show.  Super excited and profoundly humbled. 

Hi.  If you are coming here looking for some Graphic Design help with your Glowforge or 3D stuff, you're at the right place!  After selling my business (see below), I am now doing freelance Graphic Design.  DON'T BE FRUSTRATED!  I would love to help with your project.  I have very reasonable rates and can work with just about any type of file.  I can also help with some of the technical aspects of your Glowforge settings so you don't waste a lot of material.  Have a 3D printer?  I can also help with your 3D projects.  Whether CAD or cool 3D modeling, I've done it all.
I got my BFA in Graphic Design in 1996 and have been at it in some form or another since then.  I was also a Kickstarter Backer.
Also, all your designs are completely confidential.  I have ZERO interest in making your projects and selling them.  I make pen blank designs for epoxy/hybrid pen blanks and sell those.  They are on my ETSY Store HERE.  I also use my Glowforge for my model airplane hobby.
The best thing to do is email me erich@erichneubert.com.  You can also use the contact me link on this site.
Thank you for looking and drop me a line when if you need the help.
-Erich Neubert
Well, I've sold OnlineJuriedShows.com.  I am now transitioning back in to being a full time artist and a new adventure in writing.  Yes!  I'm also writing a new book!  Oh, the creativity flows!  I've always wanted to tell a fantastic story, now I have the time.
This Saturday the 16th is reception for LPAPA's Best of Plein Air.  The painting above "Super Late Afternoon" will be hanging.  I'll be there.  That's not the painting anymore.  I changed it.
As of 12/4/18...
If you read the OnlineJuriedShows.com newsletter, you read right.  If you get your organization to use OnlineJuriedShows.com to handle the entry process for your juried events, I will give you a painting.  Probably minus the frame, we'll see.  I'll even pay shipping.  Most of what you see on here is still in my stash.  But if it's not, then I probably need to update things.  Either way, If I have it, it's yours if your organization uses OnlineJuriedShows.com
Latest update 9/24/2018...
The painting you see above, titled Back In Time will be in the CAC Small on the Wall show being held at Studio 2018 in Newport Beach, CA.  Tony's gallery.  Yay!
Latest update 2/22/2018....
So pleased and excited to get my painting "A Real Gem" in the LPAPA Less is More show going up in about 3 weeks or something.  The painting above is the one in the show.  I'll also have another painting available on DailyBrushwork.com