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Latest update 2/22/2018....
So pleased and excited to get my painting "A Real Gem" in the LPAPA Less is More show going up in about 3 weeks or something.  The painting above is the one in the show.  I'll also have another painting available on DailyBrushwork.com

Latest update 5/17/2017...
OK, I need to do an update, but I really don't have one.  I'll be doing the Los Gatos Plein Air this year after having missed it last year and, well, I think that's about it.  Just plugging away at OnlineJuriedShows.com

Latest update 9/1/2016...
Well, I spent two glorious weeks in the Rockies and at Estes Park Colorado.  I camped for two weeks, spending the last two days at the Tiny Town Cabins.  Sooooo cute!  I participated in the Plein Air Rockies put on by the well organized and wonderful folks at the Cultural Arts Center of Estes Park.  Though I didn't win anything, I had a wonderful time and look forward to participating again and again.  And maybe be in better shape before going! : |

Latest update 11/12/2015...
So, i went and crashed the Zion Plein Air to 1) try and talk to the people in charge to get them to use OnlineJuriedShows.com (didn't go well) and 2) to enjoy myself on a painting trip.  (That didn't go well either).  I did buy two paintings though!!!  A Richard Lindenburg and a Jim Wodark!!!

Latest update 6/22/2015....
Well, I just got back from spending a wonderful week in Los Gatos, CA for the Los Gatos Plein Air Festival.  I won an Honorable Mention and sold a couple of paintings.  Most of all, I got to enjoy a much needed vacation of doing nothing but painting.  Again, I stayed with an absolutely wonderful host family.  Thanks Dan and Betsy!

Latest update 3/5/2015.....

I had elbow surgery and carpal tunnel surgery on my right arm.  When I'm all done healing, I'll have a "super-arm" to do more amazing paintings.  Until then, I'll clean up my studio.  It's pictured above.

Latest Update 10/10/2014...
I took a much needed vacation and went to Shelter Cove, CA for their inaugural plein air show.  I tent camped for 4 wonderful nights and made some really great new friends.  I took home an Honorable Mention and an Artist Choice!!!  My first Artist Choice award!!! Woohoo!!! 

The drive was a nice 12 hour stint.  Spent the night in Bodega Bay. 

The event was really first class.  The SCARF folks did an outstanding job!  I really hope this event does well for them.  I know I plan on returning.